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NFC based platforms in gaming. Reverse engineering Nintendos Amiibo

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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2015 in the subject Computer Science - Miscellaneous, grade: 2,5, University of Applied Sciences Oberösterreich, Hagenberg, language: English, abstract: Near Field Communication (NFC) gained more and more popularity over the past few years. As a result, the number of applications suitable for the daily usage increases continuously. With the gaming industry being one of the fastest growing markets nowadays, it was just a matter of time, until these two fields of research met. This bachelor thesis hence gives an overview about the near field communication technology and further tries to enlighten the concept of NFC-based platforms in gaming. In order to give a concrete example for this, a technology called Amiibo is examined with the corresponding software project based on it.

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Thomas Petereder


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 NFC based platforms in gaming. Reverse engineering Nintendos Amiibo als Buch von Thomas Petereder
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 NFC based platforms in gaming. Reverse engineering Nintendos Amiibo
0.00 EUR  bei  ciando eBooks
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